Control valve Testing and Stroking according to FCI 70-2 / IEC 60534-3

Control valve test benches for testing the integrity, overall performance and classifying the seat leakage of all kinds of control valves and motor operated valves according to international Control valve test standards, such as ANSI FCI 70-2 and IEC 60534-4.

Depending on the application, the Ventil Control valve test benches are completed with gas and liquid test circuits for performing closure and shell tests at high and low pressure levels. Ventil Test Benches are designed to test globe type Control valves, butterfly type Control valves and camflex / waver type Control valves. The dimensions are based on ANSI B16.34 for flange dimensions and API 6A valve body lengths.

Control valve Test Bench Clamping Station

The Control valve test benches are typically equipped with a computer controlled proportional  hydraulic clamping system to prevent force overload to the valve body. For obtaining a stress free valve body the test bench can generate clamping force using its actual test pressure using Self Energizing Test Plugs or Ventil’s superior Self Energizing Multi Seal Ring Test Tables.

Control Valve Test Ciruits

The Control valve test bench is equipped with a (seat) leakage measuring system to test and classify the seat leakage according to ANSI FCI 70-2 / IEC 60534-3 Class I to VI with gas (optionally with liquid). The reliability, responds and accuracy of the Control valve is strongly influenced by its controls, i.e. actuator, positioner, regulators etc. Therefore each Control valve test bench is standard completed with a set of test and operating systems to test and verify the valve and controls work in a strict harmony.



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