In-Situ / On-line Pressure Safety Relief Valve Testing

In-situ testing of safety relief valves provides generally a good alternative to bench testing and ultimate tool for annual calibration of PSVs. Ventil offers since many years an electronic relief valve tester, PreVenTest. The PreVenTest is a world-wide used auxiliary lift assist device that is widely accepted and recommended by major relief valve manufactures. PreVenTest will test all brands of pressure relief valves.

PreVenTest LTC – PreVenTest Advanced.

The Ventil LTC PreVenTest is a lightweight, semi-auto online relief valve tester with a small and smooth stroking hydraulic pump. The PreVenTest advanced is a larger but fully automated device with computer controlled pulling force.  PreVenTest can be supplied as intrinsically safe version with ATEX and CSA certifications

Lift Assist Device Transducers / Sensors

PreVenTest comes with a set of accurate force / load transducers that measure the required pulling force to generate an initial lift of the valve. Further disc lift, acoustic are available and can be used for further analyses of valve performance and set pressure identification.

Set Pressure Results

Reliable results can only be achieved when having accurate effective seat or pressure areas available. The PreVenTest Online Valve Test Software comes with a large database with accurate seat dimensions. The exact inlet operating pressure or line pressure must be known at time of the lift. PreVenTest features an additional connection to connect a pressure transducer. Typically achieved accuracy exceeds standard bench test results and are well within the tolerances of ASME VIII and PED  

Valve Test Fixture

Aircraft alloy, lightweight but rugged fixture. The lift assist device is quickly installed at the valve and the time saving claw clamp feature makes connecting to the valve fast and efficient.

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